Purpose-driven processe in Madrid.


Stamping is one of the most common and oldest metal working processes in the metalworking industry in Madrid. This process has its origin many years ago, and consists of exerting a force on a metal to mold it according to the need that you have and what you need to obtain, in the stamping, the metal is subjected to a compression load between two molds, and this load or pressure can be applied progressively or in a percussion, that is, in a single blow, in both cases, to carry out this process you need machines called presses that, together with the stamping molds, or steel dies, will carry out the stamping.

In Industria Metalúrgica Pascual, after our long experience in the sector, we have used this process a lot, even having a small section of our own tooling for the development of this activity, and for the maintenance of our presses and dies.

Stamping is an unbeatable solution for those long series where exceptional costs and times are required, for that reason, in Industria Metalúrgica Pascual, as a specialized metallurgical company, we have both eccentric and hydraulic presses up to 250 tons.


Do not hesitate to ask us, our technical specialists will be happy to advise you on this process and the other processes that we handle at
Industria Metalúrgica Pascual.

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